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How We Work

Our Expertise, Technologies and Solutions

How We Work

We work by combining top-notch technologies with our expertise and innovative collaboration and productivity tools.

The whole process starts with analysis of your project. The process can range from a simple review to deep analysis. For small to medium projects the whole process may take from two to five business days. For more complex projects, the process may take up to three weeks.


With a wide technologic arsenal at our disposal, we can choose the most suitable technologies for your project.

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Our expertise spans across different domains and functional areas as well as software layers.

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Software development is a highly collaborative activity. We have taken care of all necessary tools to foster collaboration and boost productivity.

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About Ransona

Ransona helps US and European companies successfully outsource software development and IT projects. We hide complexities of outsourcing and deliver proven results while retaining financial attractiveness of outsourcing.

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