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Areas of Our Expertise

Our expertise spans from mobile applications to iGaming software to e-commerce and real-time communication systems

Expertise by Software Type

We are a universal software development company. Nevertheless, in certain areas we have accumulated significant experience

Key areas of our exprtise include mobile applications and games, e-commerce software, iGaming applications, dynamic web applications, integration with third party systems and real-time communication applications.


  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile games
  • Multimedia applications


  • Online shopping
  • Payment systems
  • Subscription applications


  • Online casinos
  • Poker platforms
  • Multiplayer games

Dynamic Web

  • Collaboration systems
  • Affiliate platforms
  • Corporate portals


  • Gaming systems
  • Payment systems
  • Anti-fraud systems


  • Chatting applications
  • Voice communication
  • Helpdesk applications

Expertise by Layers

Our ability to work on different layers of software makes us a single stop solution for all your software development needs.

By working with Ransona you are guaranteed to get development service for any layer and part of the whole system. We can work on backend, middleware/integration and frontend of the application. This not only guarantees high quality but gives the shortest possible development time.


Almost all modern applications do require some sort of backend, will it be a mobile app or a full-blown e-commerce system. Our engineers have worked on back ends of different sizes and complexities.


We have experience developing middleware for backend and front ends developed by us, as well as for third party backend and front end systems. Well thought-out middleware seamlessly glues backend and front end into a coherent application.


Gone are those days when the front end was a mere representation of the back end. Modern web and mobile applications feature increasingly complex user interfaces and functionalities. We can deliver rich user experience across all major platforms.

About Ransona

Ransona helps US and European companies successfully outsource software development and IT projects. We hide complexities of outsourcing and deliver proven results while retaining financial attractiveness of outsourcing.

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